Tetsunari Iida

Tetsunari Iida
Executive Director, Institute for Sustainable Energy Policies (ISEP)

Tetsunari Iida is one of the top opinion leaders in the field of sustainable energy policy, well-known in Japan and internationally through many of academic publishing and through mass media as an independent and non-profit intellectual. He started his career from nuclear engineering, and shifted to sustainable energy policy including renewable energy and energy efficiency (1983 Nuclear Science Studies, Kyoto University, Master degree; 1992-2006 Division Leader of Energy & Environmental Studies, Japan Research Institute; 1996-1998 Visiting researcher at Lund University (Sweden); 1998 Advanced Science & Technology Studies, Tokyo University, PhD course). Having long been working as a “social innovator”, many of movements and results are achieved, among them, the development of “green power scheme” and “community financing scheme of renewable energy project” have significant social impact on the sustainable energy in Japan. He organized “the Supra-coalition of Member of Parliaments (MPs) for renewable promotion”, consisting of 1/3 of total MPs, then resulting in new legislation of “Renewable Promotion Law”.
He is very much familiar with Nordic energy & environmental policy, and well-known through the book of “Energy Democracy in Nordic Countries” and creative networking activities.

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