Daniel Hugo Bouille

Daniel Hugo Bouille

Main activities and responsibilities
- Bariloche Foundation- Senior Researcher and Executive President
- UNFCCC - IPCC- Coordinator Lead Author WGIII- Third Assessment Report. - 2001/05.
- Global Environmental Facility (GEF) - Member of Roster of Experts.
- Global Network for Energy and Sustainable Development (GNESD) - Member of the Steering Committee
- UNDP-Climate Change - National Communication Support Program - Member of the Roster of Experts.
- Global Energy Assessment (IIASA/UNDP)- Coordinator Author Knowledge Module 23 (2011 Report) and Member of the Steering Committee
- UNFCCC - IPCC- Member of the “Task Group on Data and Scenario Support for impact and Climate Analysis (TGICA) - Fifth Assessment Report - 2010/11.
- UNFCCC - IPCC- WG III - Review Editor - 5AR - Chapter III
- Economist - National University of Rosario (Argentina) - Post-graduate studies in Energy Economics Institute - University of Cologne, Germany.

Professional and Academic Activities

Experience in topics of energy and climate change, energy policy, renewable and efficient use of energy, energy access, among others.

Investigation, technical assistance and training for multiple international and regional organizations, such as: UNDP, UNEP, UNIDO, World Bank, IDB, European Union, OLADE, ECLAC, GTZ, UNEP-RISOE, International Agency of Atomic power, CATHALAC and the Governments of several countries of Latin America and the Caribbean.

He has developed and develops education activities in several Universities of Argentina and LA&C and possesses a long list of publications on the mentioned topics

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