Scott Sklar

Scott Sklar
President, the Stella Group, Ltd.

The Stella Group, Ltd. is a technology optimization and strategic policy firm for clean distributed energy users and companies which include advanced batteries and controls, biofuels (biodiesels, butanol, ethanol and cellulosics), energy efficiency and CHP (combined heat power), fuel cells, geoexchange, heat engines, minigeneration (propane, natural gas), microhydropower & marine energy, modular biomass, photovoltaics, small wind, and solar thermal (including daylighting, water heating, industrial preheat, building air-conditioning, and electric power generation), and waste heat. The Stella Group, Ltd. blends distributed energy technologies, aggregates financing (including leasing), with a focus on system standardization. Scott Sklar, the Group's founder and president, lives in a zero-energy solar home in Arlington, Virginia and his coauthored book, A Consumer Guide to Solar Energy, was re-released for its third printing, and his coauthored book: The Forbidden Fuel: Power Alcohol in the Twentieth Century was updated and re-released in 2010 for its second printing by University of Nebraska Press, and in 2013, his peer-reviewed paper in Springer Journal on zero energy buildings was published.

Scott Sklar is Chair of the Steering Committee of the Sustainable Energy Coalition and serves on the (non-profit) Boards of Directors of the Business Council for Sustainable Energy, and The Solar Foundation. Scott Sklar is an Adjunct Professor at The George Washington University teaching two unique interdisciplinary sustainable energy courses, and an Affiliated Professor at the international sustainable university ‘CATIE ‘in Costa Rica. Sklar is part time Executive Director of the non-profit Center for Small Business and the Environment. On December 4th 2012, he was appointed onto the US Department of Commerce’s Advisory Committee on Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy, where he was re-appointed for another term and serves as its Chairman, whose term ends in June 2016. Sklar's VA office buildings is totally powered by wind and solar and a PEM fuel cell with a web enabled battery bank, and his DC office has PV modules from over 10 companies overlooking Lafayette Park in front of The White House.

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