Jürgen Maier

Jürgen Maier
Director, German NGO Forum Environment & Development

Jürgen Maier is Director of the German NGO Forum Environment & development, a network established after the Rio conference in 1992 to coordinate the member NGO’s activities towards sustainable development, as well as to monitor negotiations in the climate convention (UNFCCC), biodiversity convention (CBD), WTO, the Rio follow up process (Commission for Sustainable Development), FAO, G8 and others. The forum also launched several NGO campaigns on energy-related issues, such as the German Climate Alliance and its Anti-Coal Campaign that successfully stopped dozens of projected coal-fired power plants. Prior to joining the Forum in 1996, he was Director of the German Asia Foundation (1993-96) and International Secretary of the German Green Party (1987-91). 2007-2011 Board member of the Roundtable for Sustainable Biofuels (RSB); since 2004 board member of the Climate Action Network Europe (CAN-E).

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